In photos: Hundreds gather to celebrate Hoobiyee, the Nisg̱a’a new year

Featuring dancers from many coastal and interior nations, hundreds of people gathered for an urban celebration of the Nisg̱a’a new year, Hoobiyee, in “Vancouver” on Friday and Saturday.

The annual event at the PNE Forum was hosted by the Nisg̱a’a Ts’amiks Vancouver Society, with two full days of programming on March 1 and 2.

The word Hoobiyee stems from the word Hoobixis-hee — or the bowl end of a wooden spoon.

“The event is a celebration for the Nisg̱a’a people coinciding with the waxing of the crescent moon in February or March, generally when the oolichan begin to make their return to the Nass River,” according to Nisg̱a’a Ts’amiks.

On March 2, the dark arena, lit by an electric crescent moon where performances were held, roared with drumming and song throughout the day. Every corner was filled with Elders, aunties, cousins and children enjoying the cultural event.

Amy Romer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, IndigiNews