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PHOTOS: Take a look inside Ottawa’s new, temporary House of Commons

Liberal MP Mark Eyking gets accustomed to his new area in the renovated House chamber before MPs returned to Ottawa this week. There’s also four committee rooms for politicians to use in the new venue. Photo from The Canadian Press.

PHOTOS: Take a look inside Ottawa's new, temporary House of Commons

A new era has dawned on the nation’s capital as federal politicians have moved into a different space.

The House of Commons has been relocated from the Centre Block to the West Block. The new venue will serve as the temporary home for MPs for the next 10 years as renovations take place on Parliament Hill.

Lawmakers got their first crack at question period in their new home this week as the House returned to work in Ottawa. The restored and modernized West Block features a new glass roof, a fresh chamber, four committee rooms, multiple offices and support spaces, louvered sun shades to control light levels, modern information technology and an accessible, barrier-free path on all levels.

The restoration of the West Block began in 2011 with the government’s Long Term Vision and Plan for the Parliamentary Precinct. Eight years of work has resulted in an area that has 50 per cent more usable space, modern broadcast facilities and a greener complex that features LED lights attached to 20 steel columns.

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