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Doug Ford

Doug Ford is a former Toronto councillor and the older brother of the late Rob Ford, the one-time mayor of Toronto. Ford most recently ran against former Ontario PC leader John Tory and former NDP MP Olivia Chow in a race to become the city’s mayor in 2014, finishing in second place. Ford had previously said he would run to become the city’s mayor again in 2018, but leaped at the opportunity to lead the Ontario PCs. He was the first person to enter the provincial race and so far, the only man to do so. Like his brother, Ford is all about saving money for the taxpayer. In an interview with the Toronto Sun, Ford says he wants to get rid of the “nasty carbon tax,” adding he will be adopting 90 per cent of the party’s so-called “People’s Guarantee” platform, put forward by former leader Patrick Brown. The husband and father says he will be able to save money by identifying and eliminating wasteful government spending. When comparing himself to the other leadership candidates, Ford says he’s “the only person that’s actually run government before.” Ford says he intends to run as an MPP in Toronto’s Etobicoke North riding. Photo from Getty Images.

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    We won't have a vote for the Leader...that will be decided amongst the party.
    As for Premier...I'd vote FORD. Wynne needs to go...she's done enough damage to the Province of Ontario thank you very much.
    Ford tells it like it is...like it or not. I loved it when he made a statement about 2 yrs ago.. He said something like (with regard to Wynne)..she needs to get her own house in order before the criticizes someone else's. He's so right!
    I like the guy...I hope he wins!!
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    Is this the best the Cons are going to do?
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    Make Ontario great again get ride of the libs at all cost. Ontario once the
    powerhouse and engines that started up all of Canadas economy and prosperity
    has now been whittled down to just a have not province thx to the mismanagement for the last 15 yrs of liberal majorities
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    I am going to like the debates .But the media is trying to destroy Ford from the get go.
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    Elliot has no baggage and represents the best chance to vaporize Wynne. This province needs change and now!
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    Ice Rinks
    There are countless accusations of Taxual Assault by Kathleen Wynne, why hasn't she been removed by the tax-payer from the workplace yet?
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    Kevin L
    Oh good god not another Mulroney
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    canadienne pure laine
    Mr Ford is my choice.
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    So just when I think there might be some hope for the Conservatives in Ontario, Vic Fedeli pulls out of the race for the second time and leaves us with these three. why? Caroline Mulroney has charm and but no experience whatsoever she "waffles" but she does have a Daddy with lots of pull with the media so expect to see more coverage on her. Following up we have the notorious Doug Ford with his "bull in a china shop" appeal and the third candidate Elliott is "missing in action" for media coverage. It is almost as if the media is setting the stage for Mulroney to win. Why has the CBC not interviewed her on national television? She needs the same amount of coverage as the other two..As national broadcaster they should give all candidates the same amount of exposure to the general public. Elliott needs to get over her camera shyness and be exposed. Otherwise we are doomed for another 4 years of watching the insincere grinning Cheshire Cat run the province.
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    blwite dud