Your photos of Montreal buried under mountain of snow

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Your photos of Montreal buried under mountain of snow

The city is slowly digging out after being blasted with more than 30 centimetres of snow overnight.

Thousands of people in the Quebec City area are without power and nearly all the schools in the greater Montreal area are closed due to weather.

The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) is running behind this morning as multiple buses are stuck in the snow and drivers have  been unable to get into work.

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While some Montrealers were snuggled up in bed Wednesday morning, others were digging out driveways and front steps in order to get out and get to work.

Many cars and even some buses and trucks were buried in snow.

And the situation was just as rough for commuters in the Quebec City area.

But Montreal pups weren't deterred by the weather, and neither were their owners.

Snowy dogs were making the most of the winter weather rolling around in snow banks and frolicking in the powder.

People were out early snapping photos of the winter wonderland conditions in what will likely end up being the last blizzard of the season.

Some Montrealers were stuck, unable to push their cars out and had to rely on buses, trains, metro or taxis to get where they needed to go.

Some got more than creative than others with one young man hopping on a unicycle...

...while an emergency responder used a snowmobile to zip down the highway.

Others had trouble getting past their front door, facing high snow build-up on winding steps and knee-high drifts on the curb.

It made for a good time to break out the snow pants and heavy-duty boots before having to wade in.

City snow-clearing crews were busy at work on the major highways and arteries in and around Montreal.

Some city buses were stuck in snow banks for hours or even overnight.

Despite the rough weather, some Montrealers were able to highlight some of the more picturesque storm conditions.

And even get out for a quick stroll Wednesday morning to enjoy the last snowfall before the thaw.

Watch this timelapse of snow building up overnight.

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