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Photo by: Buzz Bishop
Lie: Killer Whales Are Whales
Fact: They're actually dolphins, or at least members of the dolphin family until they get uninvited for Thanksgiving after snacking on members of the dolphin family.
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10 Scientific "Facts" that Are Actually Complete Lies

Here comes the homework. And while it may be assigned to the kids, guess who gets to help out? Right, we the parents (and our dear friend Google). It's probably a good idea to use that Google machine if you get stuck helping the kids because some things have changed since we went to school. Pluto isn't a planet. There are actually more than 5 senses. Drains in Australia don't go the opposite direction. It's true. Mental Floss has served up a great YouTube video featuring 50 science mistakes we all make, proving that just because you learned it in school doesn't mean it's true. From sunflowers to brontosauruses, click through some of the highlights to relearn what you should already know to be true. I got stumped by nearly a dozen of them. Who knew helping with homework would be so hard? -By Buzz Bishop

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