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The 9 Rules for Rugs That Everyone Should Know

When our furry friends shed, the fur can really stick to rugs and carpet—a real pain for even the toughest of vacuums to remove. But there's an easy trick to help: Start with a window squeegee or plastic glove to wipe up excess fur. Then, after you've pulled up most of it, proceed with a normal vacuuming in a zigzag pattern.

9 Rules for Picking the Perfect Rug and Making It Last

There are many questions to grapple with before settling on any particular rug: How big should it be? Is it durable enough? What do I need to know to clean it? Fortunately, this comprehensive guide will ease worries pre- and post-purchase by laying down the best rules of thumb for choosing, cleaning, and styling a rug fit for your home. | By BobVila.com, BobVila.com