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Melissa King

Melissa King, Miss Delaware Teen USA 2012
Miss Delaware Teen USA turned in her crown on February 26 after a graphic sex tape reportedly starring her and an unidentified man surfaced on a porn website. Although the 18-year-old insists the woman in the June 2012 video is “absolutely not” her (despite the fact that she talks about competing in pageants in it), King did relinquish her title nonetheless. Miss Universe head honcho Donald Trump said on February 27 that his organization did advise King to prepare a resignation letter “very quickly” because “it was nicer” than firing her.

Biggest Beauty Pageant Scandals

Over the years, dozens of beauty queens from Miss USA to Miss America to Miss Universe have had to turn in their crown and sash for a multitude of reasons, including nude photos, underage drinking, drug use, physical assault, and in one case, even kidnap and torture. Here are some of the biggest scandals so far!