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Cage homes

In this Jan. 25, 2013 photo, 63-year-old Lee Tat-fong, walks in a corridor while her two grandchildren Amy, 9, and Steven, 13 sit in their 50-square-foot room in Hong Kong. Lee, like many poor residents, has applied for public housing but faces years of waiting. Nearly three-quarters of 500 low-income families questioned by Oxfam Hong Kong in a recent survey had been on the list for more than 4 years without being offered a flat. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu)

Hong Kong's cramped quarters

With more than 200,000 people in Hong Kong currently on waiting lists for subsidized public housing, droves have downsized or moved into
factory buildings, sub-divided "slaughtered" flats that can accommodate multiple families, or moved into "cage homes", wire-mesh hutches stacked on top of each other in crowded rooms.