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To tow the cruise ship away, Costa has rented for three months, at a cost of Euro 30 million euro, the Dockwise Vanguard, the largest semi-submersible vessel in the world.

In this picture, another damaged side of the cruise liner can be seen. More than 1,000 concrete stacks and six underwater platforms are being used to keep the ship stable as it floats in the Giglio Harbour (Reuters)

Costa Concordia: Two years on after it sank, these remarkable pictures show its current state

These pictures show what remains of stricken cruise liner the Costa Concordia, two years after the tragic sinking that claimed 32 lives.

The 114,500-tonne vessel is still stranded off the island of Giglio, where it struck rocks and sank. Mattresses can still be seen inside the liner and furniture is visible through shattered windows. Officials confirmed the operation to try and lift it away from the rocks will begin in June.