'Dirds' Are the Internet's Hottest New Hybrid Animal

Move over "Cava-poo-chon" because there's a new mixed-breed animal in town being crowned the world's cutest hybrid animal. "Dirds," also known as "Dogbirds," are an awesome breed that meshes the best qualities of a dog — their expressive eyes, adorable ears and slobbering mouths — with bird bodies. But don't be fooled by the superrealistic images that, at first glance, seem to confirm the existence of dog head/bird body creatures flying around. Unfortunately, Dirds weren't created by geneticists in a scientific laboratory, but instead by people more like you and me, who may or may not have a PhD, but do have advanced computer skills in photo manipulation. Hybrids like the Wholphin (killer whale and dolphin), Grolar Bear (grizzly bear and polar bear), and Cheetoh (Bengal cat and ocicat) actually exist, but with the wonders of image editing we can easily imagine a day when cross-breeds like Dirds, Belugulls (beluga whale and seagull), and Pengwhale (penguin and whale) really roam the Earth. With a Reddit thread started a few months ago called HybridAnimals, people have submitted their mixed-breed dream creatures from land, sky or sea. Countless combinations have been made, but the Dird seems to stand out in the crowd as the favorite. Contributor gyyp appears to be the originator of the Dird, and after the fly away success of one in particular, the Purd (pug and bird), others have tried to emulate it by creating kooky Dogbird amalgams of their own. However, until the day when Dirds truly become man's best friend, enjoy the wackiness of the Internet's latest mind-blowing manipulated creations. — Lauren Tuck, Shine Staff

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