How cheesy: Man finds art in bags of cheese curls

What do you see when you open a bag of cheese curls? For Instagram user cheesecurlsofinstagram, a bag of Cheetos comes with endless opportunity.

"Basically I’m a mechanical engineer with a creative mind, " he told Yahoo Canada News in an email. "Last spring I was working on an invention at home. I would get so into the project that I didn’t want to stop to prepare food, so I reached for a bag of Cheetos. I normally eat healthy but hadn’t had them in years. I found Sasquatch in my first bag along with other interesting pieces."

He has progressed to buying more than one bag a week, and he keeps Cheetos with "potential" in
a quarantine container. Many of the photos include a quirky description of the cheese curl.

Want more cheesy goodness? Check out the Instagram page here, if you don't mind a bit of adult language scattered through the captions.