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Mount Sinabung eruptions

A villager runs as Mount Sinabung erupt at Sigarang-Garang village in Karo district, Indonesia's North Sumatra province, February 1, 2014. Indonesia's Mount Sinabung volcano erupted and killed at least 11 people on the western island of Sumatra on Saturday, the first time it is known to have claimed any lives, a senior government official said. REUTERS/S Aditya

Indonesia's Mount Sinabung erupts again - this time it's deadly

January 13, 2014

At least fifteen people died as Mount Sinabung erupted at the weekend. Indonesian authorities warned the death toll could rise as people are still reported missing. Although the volcano has been active since September, forcing some 27,000 local villagers to flee their homes, it is the first time lives have been claimed. The 8,530ft volcano has been spewing ash and lava into the air, blanketing the surrounding villages with thick grey ash. There are 130 volcanoes in Indonesia, which sits on a volcanic belt known as 'The Ring of Fire' in the Pacific.