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Theo and Beau 1

Photo by: mommasgonecity/Instagram
Beau recently celebrated his second birthday, and Jessica Shyba said this photo is "pre-festivus naptivus."

Napping Toddler and Puppy Are Back in New Round of Adorable Photos

In November,

the naptime snuggle sessions between a puppy named Theo and his toddler

pal Beau stole the hearts of Web users nationwide — and now the super

cute duo has returned due to popular demand. Jessica Shyba, a blogger

and mother of three, captures her 2-year-old son and the family's dog

as they take their routine two-hour daily snooze entwined together. The

Shyba family picked up Theo from the pound when he was about 7 weeks

old. A few days later, when Jessica prepared to put Beau down for a nap,

the whining pup followed them into the bedroom. "Theo climbed up on top

of Beau, and it was just the cutest, most natural thing," Jessica tells

Yahoo Shine. Now, Theo never fails to join his buddy Beau for naptime.

"They act like toddlers together, like brothers. It's an interesting and

fascinating relationship." Since photos of the twosome's enchanting

relationship have gone viral, Jessica has used the series' popularity to

encourage individuals to donate to the Santa Cruz SPCA & Humane

Society, where her family adopted Theo, a shar-pei and German shepherd

mix. She hopes the publicity will raise awareness of animal shelters and

humane societies around the country. She also suggests that other

youngsters who take cuddly catnaps with their pets share their snapshots

using #TheoandBeau on social media. "The relationship caught us all

off-guard. It's been like magic, honestly." — Lauren Tuck, Shine Staff