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Stalin's villa

The wax figure of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin is seen in a cinema hall at Stalin'­s Villa in Sochi, January 28, 2014. Stalin'­s Villa, or Dacha, was constructed in 1937. (REUTERS/Alexander Demianchuk)

Stalin's villa

Images of former Soviet dictator Josef Stalin’s Villa in Sochi. Josef Stalin's love of Sochi and its subtropical climate, lush forests and sea views boosted the city's popularity after World War Two, making it the ultimate Soviet vacation spot.

For the small price of a ticket, visitors can tour the villa built for Stalin on the grounds of the Green Grove spa where a billiards table still stands, with his favorite cue on display.

Stalin's desk is still there along with a kitsch life-sized wax sculpture of the late dictator, and the wood-paneled rooms of his wartime getaway still hang heavy with his presence.

The Green Grove, where the buildings are actually green, is just one of many of the stately stone spa resorts built for those in Soviet times who had the privilege of vacationing at Sochi and using its mineral baths and curative springs.

Sochi will host the 2014 Winter Olympic Games from February 7 to February 23. (Reuters)

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