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The art of Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst's "Away From the Flock," a lamb preserved in formaldehyde in a steel and glass case, is seen on display at the new Saatchi Gallery in London, April 14, 2003.

Damien Hirst's 'dead butterflies' stirs anger

First came the formaldehyde-soaked shark, then a severed cow's head, and now controversial British artist Damien Hirst is giving us... 9,000 dead butterflies? His recent exhibit at the Tate Modern, "In and Out of Love,"

consisted of two windowless rooms filled with live butterflies whizzing

about, and was part of a larger retrospective that involved other winged

insect-inspired creations. Many animal rights activists were angered when it was made public that the Tate show resulted in the total death toll of over 9,000 butterflies.