Physicians in Sask. call for bike helmet law

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Physicians in Sask. call for bike helmet law

It seems to be one of the sure signs of spring — a call to make wearing a bicycle helmet mandatory in Saskatchewan. And this time it's coming from the Saskatchewan Medical Association.

The SMA's Dr. Mahli Brindamour says that introducing a helmet law will keep people safe.

"All in all that's a very positive public health measure that we can easily take for the children, and also the adults of this province," she said.

Saskatoon doctor sees too many injuries 

Brindamour is a Saskatoon pediatrician who often treats children injured on their bicycles.

"We see that regularly," she told CBC Radio's Saskatoon Morning.

The injuries range from mild facial bruises and cuts to more severe head injuries that can lead to developmental problems, coma or even death.

Brindamour said it's time to put a stop to it.

According to the SMA, the use of properly fitted helmets can lead to a 65 per cent reduction in facial injuries, and a 63 to 88 per cent reduction in more serious brain injuries.

There are, however, some studies that suggest otherwise. 

But the studies don't prove that mandatory bike helmet laws lead to a drop in the number of adults who ride bicycles, according to Brindamour.

"We keep cyclists on the road and we keep them safer," she said.

The SMA noted that right now, Saskatchewan and Quebec are the only two provinces in Canada that do not have bike helmet laws.

"I think it's time for Saskatchewan to be on par with the [other] Canadian provinces," said Brindamour.