Picture Butte council provides feedback on Sunset Park program

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On Aug. 23, Picture Butte council held a regular meeting. Council members include Henry DeKok, Joe Watson, Cynthia Papworth, Teresa Feist and Mayor Cathy Moore. Picture Butte town council shared thoughts on the Sunset Park Incentive Program. Sunset Park is Picture Butte's latest subdivision, nestled on the northwest side of town. The first phase provides 27 fully-serviced lots, with some backing onto green spaces and having alley access. Lots range in size from $9.50 per square-foot to $10.50 per square-foot. Lot sizes were sold from 5,274 square-feet for new home buyers or empty nesters looking to downsize to 9,041 square-feet for the most discerning resident. Architectural controls are in place to protect investments, and several incentive programs are available to encourage residential development. Many of the lots had been sold in the first phase of the project, and with only nine lots remaining, over 60 per cent of the lots in Stages 1 has already been sold within the town. “Basically, we're going to make a motion to reinstate the tax incentive, and that keeps rolling, and I think we should make a recommendation we should start contacting a few realtors and see if we can make a deal with them for a good price,” said Deputy Mayor Henry DeKok. "I like that idea too because for the discount for what their feed would be and say it would be two-and-a-half or three per cent, they’re going to do some advertising that takes it out of our hands and (they'd been also) searching for buyers," said Coun. Cynthia Papworth. To protect many residents and their investments within Sunset Park, the town had implemented Architectural Control. These standards are in place to ensure all residents enjoy their new neighbourhood. All council members were in favour of the two-year tax incentive to the Sunset Park program.

Jaxon McGinn, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Sunny South News

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