Picture of Turtle Flipping Off Photographer Wins Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards

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Wildlife photography is a serious affair. However, humour can be found in almost every situation.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography awards aim to honour nature’s humour. This unique photography competition is a mix of conservation, the art of photography, and as the name suggests – comedy.

There were around 7,000 entries to this competition this year from all around the globe. While the final shortlist of contestants was announced in September, the winners of the many categories have been announced now.

For Under the water category, the winner was Mark Fitzpatrick who captured a grumpy turtle who looked like it was giving the photographer a middle-finger salute due to its raised flipper. It is also the ‘overall winner’.

Fitzpatrick took the image off Lady Elliot Island in Queensland while swimming with turtles.

Named “Terry the turtle”, the reptile might have been waving or simply swimming, but the moment looks like the very offensive gesture of raising the middle finger. However, it looks adorable on the cute turtle. The photo won another award, in the Creatures Under the Sea Award category.

“It’s been amazing to see the reaction to my photo of Terry the Turtle flipping the bird, with Terry giving people a laugh in what has been a difficult year for many, as well as helping spread an important conservation message,” Fitzpatrick said.

He added he hopes Terry could encourage people to think about the incredible wildlife and how they depend on us or what we can do to them. He also joked how he wished Terry would be in a better mood the next time they meet.

Another winner was Charlie Davidson who bagged the top place for Alex Walker’s Serian Creatures Award. The winning photograph is of a raccoon and titled “Almost time to get”. In the image, a raccoon stretches out his hands from a tree hole while the rest of his body is still inside.

Photographer Tim Hearn bagged The Spectrum Photo Creatures in the Air Award. The award-winning photograph of an Azure damselfly looks like a cartoonish stick insect with bulging eyes.

Roland Kranitz won Affinity Photo People’s Choice Award for a squirrel captured in a moment that resembles an opera singer in the midst of high notes. It’s been named as “O Sole Mio”.

The Amazing Internet Portfolio Award went to Daisy Gilardini for the hilarious image called “Deadly Fart”. A bear appears to sniff his own smelly creation and then faint at the smell.

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