Here are the weirdest things Taylor Swift fans are selling from the Eras Tour, from confetti strips to a bag of concert 'air'

  • Taylor Swift's Eras Tour has been selling out stadiums across the country since it began in March.

  • And for fans that couldn't snag tickets to the tour, some concert-goers are selling items from it.

  • People are selling bundles of confetti that was released at the shows and used rain ponchos.

Securing tickets to Taylor Swift's Eras tour has become one of this year's biggest status symbols — with some fans paying upwards of $5,000 to nab a spot.

The unprecedented demand for tickets, during which a record 14 million fans attempted to buy tickets on the same day last November, crashed the Ticketmaster site and even led to a congressional hearing earlier this year.

Die-hard Swifties who weren't able to snag tickets to the show, or couldn't afford the exorbitant resale tickets, have even been "Taylor-gating" outside her sold-out shows to belt out the singer's songs and dance in the streets.

And for those who couldn't make it to either, an online marketplace has sprung up of concert-goers selling items from the shows they attended.

Everything from pieces of confetti to a bag of "authentic air," here are some of the weirdest things Swifties are selling online from the Eras Tour.

Fans are selling pieces of confetti

Several sellers have been selling bits of confetti released at the show on eBay and Facebook Marketplace.

@ardenmk The Eras Tour was everythingggg ❤️❤️❤️ literally love this video of the confetti, it just looks so magical #taylorswift #theerastour #fyp #erastour @taylorswift @taylornation ♬ original sound - Arden Maria

One Facebook user is selling a bundle of star-shaped confetti for $10, including different color confetti pieces representing each of Swift's albums.

An eBay user went even higher than that, selling a bundle of rectangular-shaped confetti in different colors for a whopping $55. The listing includes five confetti pieces for every album, or "era," totaling 50 pieces from Swift's Nashville concert.

screenshot of confetti being sold
This fan is selling a bunch of confetti from a show in Nashville.swiftielover/Ebay

Rain ponchos from the Eras Tour are priced as high as $150

Some concert attendees are selling the Swift-branded rain ponchos they wore to the Eras tour. Taylor Swift's official website lists brand-new ponchos for $10, but apparently, that can't compare to a used poncho that has already experienced the show itself.

One eBay user is selling their used poncho for $150.

The seller wrote in the item description, "Poncho night 3 rain show in Nashville from the eras tour Taylor Swift concert. It has the same rain on it that fell onto Taylor herself. Rare and one of a kind!!!"

screenshot of rain poncho being sold for $150 on ebay
This rain poncho is advertised on eBay for $150.kasy-6637/Ebay

Another fan is selling their used rain poncho worn at the May 20 show in Foxborough, Massachusetts, for $55 on eBay.

They described the item's condition as having "No rips or tears, folded carefully and returned to its bag," and added, "I'm also including my light up wristband."

"It was used during the show, so the white band is a little dirty," the seller added. "I saved the plastic pull tab so I could turn it off."

Some fans are selling used concert bracelets

On Facebook Marketplace, a seller named Gigi listed light-up wristbands from two shows she attended, one in Philadelphia and the other in Foxborough.

She listed one bracelet for $50 because the light on it doesn't work and the other one, which has a working light, for $75.

She told Insider she has interest from one buyer and has good intentions in listing the bracelets.

She said she won her ticket to the Philadelphia show and wanted to "offer some sort of magic" from the experience to another Swiftie.

A physical concert tickets from Philadelphia is being offered for $70

Another concert-goer is selling a physical ticket from a show that already happened for $70 on eBay.

The original price for the May 13 show in Philadelphia is printed on the ticket as $84 — just $14 more than the resale price.

Interested parties can also buy two unusable tickets for a discounted price of $63, the listing says.

One fan even listed "authentic air" from a Massachusetts concert

In one of the most unusual listings, one fan is selling a Ziploc plastic bag full of "100% authentic air" that comes "straight from the floor seats" at Taylor Swift's May 19 concert in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

The starting bid on eBay is $100, but there have been no bids so far.

screenshot of Ebay listing selling "air" from Taylor Swift concert
This bag of "authentic air" from a Taylor Swift show is being sold on eBay.oc-selling-services/Ebay

The seller wrote in the listing description, "It cannot be confirmed but there is a high probability that Taylor actually breathed this particular sample of air at some point in time during the show. This is your chance to have a piece of her and the eras tour forever!"

The seller added, "Note: 100% of the proceeds are going to payoff my gf's student loan debt and the debt she incurred from purchasing these tickets. From one Swiftie boyfriend to another, please help us out! Thanks!!!"

CBS News, the "Today" show, and other publications have reported that one fan is selling a jar of rainwater they collected at a show in Foxborough, Massachusetts. Insider has been unable to verify the authenticity of that listing.

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