Pigeon feeders stash your seed, or pay the price

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Mattawa’s pigeon feeders have been warned—the free lunches stop now.

Council recently approved a bylaw prohibiting the feeding of pigeons, a ban that encompasses the entire municipality.

Cracked corn, seeds, cereal grains, wheat, and barley make delectable dishes for pigeons, and many people enjoy indulging this aviary desire to while away some time, or to make the birds’ lives a little easier.

But for Mattawa residents the practice is no longer accepted. And those who continue distributing the seed may be fined $250.

Moreover, if one attracts pigeons, and this flock results in a public nuisance, another fine of $250 can be issued. This is separate from the feeding fine. Think twice before installing that pigeon motel in your garden.

The bylaw came about after the municipality received numerous complaints regarding the birds over the past year.

“Pigeons are destroying rooftops, property, and our beautiful downtown area with their feces,” explained Councillor Loren Mick, in his report to council.

“The biggest problem” he noted is also the most preventable: “people feeding them.”

Hence the bylaw to remove “unwanted pigeon pests,” which will “promote the use and enjoyment of property in a healthy and sanitary manner.”

David Briggs, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, BayToday.ca

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