Pigs on parade: Torbay commute interrupted by 'dancing' pigs

This little piggy went to Indian Meal Line. And so did that one. And another.

A trio of roaming pigs ran loose on the road in Torbay at about 3:30 p.m. Thursday afternoon, to the delight of some commuters.

"They were just back and forth on the road, hopping and dancing and doing everything," said Jamie Keeping. "They were all over the road. They were right excited to be free."

Keeping was driving to pick up his kids from daycare when he was stopped in his tracks by the porkers.

"I didn't know what to think," he said. "And there was another guy that's coming towards me ... two of us were just looking at each other just mind-boggled."

Keeping said it took about 10 minutes for the pigs to clear out of the roadway. Once he collected his children, he tried to double back but the pigs were gone.

"They couldn't believe it until I showed them pictures."