Pilot caught on high-voltage electricity line after fighter jet crashes in France

Lucia Binding, news reporter
A file picture of the Belgian F-16 fighter jet which crashed in northwest France

A Belgian fighter jet has crashed in northwest France, leaving a pilot caught on a high-voltage electricity line.

The F-16 jet crashed near Pluvigner in Brittany while travelling from Belgium to a naval air base in France.

One pilot was rescued after safely ejecting from the plane, while the other pilot got caught on a 250,000-volt electricity line after ejecting.

He was later retrieved and both pilots are reported to be safe and well.

Local newspaper Le Telegramme showed images of the pilot hanging from the line, with black smoke and flames rising from the area.

It also reported that one house was damaged in the crash.

No injuries were reported among residents in the area, a police spokeswoman said.

She said around 100 police officers attended the crash site and are investigating what happened.

Pluvigner, a town in Brittany, northwestern France, has an estimated population of more than 7,437.