Pilots soar into history as Manitoba's 1st female Indigenous medevac team

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    I'm happy for doing what they love.
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    Well done!
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    Way to go ladies, great role models doing an important job !!
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    Screaming Lord Byron
    Congratulations ladies... may you have very long, successful and safe careers!
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    Way 'ta go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats big time. We always need ace Medavac teams.
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    Good work & may you fly for many years. God Bless you two !
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    Excellent job ladies! Doing medevac is sort of extra cool.
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    "It's fantastic. It's proving that Natives can do anything," That is how it should read. Congrats ladies, maybe you can lead the way showing Natives if they put their mind to it, anything is possible.
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    Rex Banner
    Good for them!! me love female pilots , a tip of the hat to them.
    However; i think its a disfavor to women, and to First Nations to congratulate them only because of that fact. As if they were somehow not as capable as anybody else(pls dont get me wrong, i mean this as complement and believer of equality between men and women) Anyhow, kuddos! love flying, they can evac me anytime :)