Pink Floyd Releasing $700 Bumper Box Set

Pink Floyd are releasing a 27-CD box set featuring previously unreleased songs, but fans have complained about the $700 price tag.

The collection, The Early Years - 1965-1972, will feature rare and bootlegged performances, tens of hours of audio and audiovisual footage, and accompanying books and vinyls.

It will go on sale in November, focusing on the period of Pink Floyd's foundations rather than the heights of the experimental rock band's success.

The box set will include the single Vegetable Man, written by founding member Syd Barrett, that the band had previously resisted from releasing, but some fans have voiced their displeasure at the cost of the new collection.

The full box set is available to pre-order at $699.98 (or £378.38), leading to complaints on social media.

One fan posted on Twitter: "Sorry Pink Floyd, I don't have $700 to blow on your sweet sweet rarities boxset".

Another commented: "$700 - Have you ever heard 'Dream On'."

Fans will also be able to purchase a two disc alternative, featuring 27 tracks for £13.74, as well as a digital version.

Pink Floyd have achieved legendary status in the music industry, with their 1973 album The Dark Side of the Moon selling around 45 million copies worldwide.

The band released what they said would be their last album, The Endless River, in 2014.