Pink Says She ‘Gets’ Link Between Anxiety And Suicide And Offers Solid Advice

Pink Says She ‘Gets’ Link Between Anxiety And Suicide And Offers Solid Advice

Pink has never shied away from speaking her truth and she’s advocating for others to do the same — especially when it comes to mental health.

The 39-year-old “Just Like Fire” singer discussed her journey with anxiety in an interview with Carson Daly on Friday’s “Today” show, when the topic of suicide came up.

“I’m hopeful that the taboo of it is all going away,” she said of suicide. “Because more and more people are talking about it. I think talking about it is the most important thing. And I know that anxiety is, like, the No. 1 thing that kids now are going through.”

The Grammy winner says she hopes younger generations realize that it’s OK to talk about their mental health, and encourages them to do so.

“For my generation, I feel like it was depression and suicide. And suicide is super prevalent still, but now it’s like it comes from a place of anxiety,” she says. “And I get that. I fully understand that, and I’ve been depressed, I have anxiety, I overthink everything.”

Pink then offered some advice based on her personal experiences.

“What I do is I keep the right people around me. And I go to therapy,” she said. Pink then used her relationship with her husband, Carey Hart, 43, as an example.

“Carey and I have been in couples counseling almost our entire 17 years that we’ve been together,” she explained. “It’s the only reason we’re still together.”

The couple — who share daughter Willow, 7, and son Jameson, 2 — married in 2006 and have both been pretty vocal about their rocky romance. Pink sang about one of their splits in her 2008 hit “So What,” while Hart referenced their issues in an Instagram post to celebrate their 13th anniversary, in which he said, “Who would have thought two misfits like us could pull it off!!!”

But Pink explains that although Hart “speaks Polish [and] I speak Italian,” they found a therapist that “speaks both,” and it really helped the two of them understand each other.

“Both of our families are — we come from broken families and we had no model of, ‘How are we supposed to keep this family together, and live this crazy life?’” she said. “And there’s no model, there’s no book that says, ‘Here’s how to do this.’ So we go to counseling and it works.”

Pink also credits her best friend and former assistant Laura with forcing her to go to therapy in the first place. She explains that when her friend wanted to quit working for her, Pink thought that their friendship was over. But Laura wasn’t having it and told her, “We’re going to couples counseling.”

Pink reveals that thanks to their sessions, the two of them are still incredibly close.

“She’s the godmother of my babies, and I’m the godmother of hers.”

Pink also suggested that journaling and engaging in art is very therapeutic if you’re struggling with mental health.

“Writing songs for me, I’ve exorcised so many demons from just putting it to paper,” Pink said.

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