'Pirate Ship' Crew Rescue Caught On Camera

The dramatic rescue of a crew stranded in a replica pirate ship off the US coast has been caught on camera.

The video shows one of the crewman leaping several feet from the deck of the Canadian tall ship Liana’s Ransom on to a Coast Guard vessel.

The crewman suffered a head injury in the dramatic leap and was airlifted to hospital for treatment, the Coast Guard said in a news release.

He was checked and later released with a minor concussion, a Coast Guard spokesman told Sky News.

The tall ship became stranded about 60 miles off the Massachusetts coast on Monday after the vessel's engines were disabled and its sails became wrapped around the mast.

Rescue crews attempted to tow the stranded ship but rough seas caused the line to break, the Coast Guard said.

The nine crewmen aboard the disabled vessel were then ordered to don immersion suits and prepare to abandon ship as winds hit 30 knots and seas reached nearly 10 feet.

A Coast Guard helicopter was also called in to assist.

All nine crewmen were rescued and airlifted to shore.

A Coast Guard cutter was able to tow the disabled vessel closer to shore until it could be transferred to a commercial towing company.

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