Pit bull owners celebrate breed with park picnic

Some dog owners are trying to change the perception that pit bulls are a dangerous breed.

About 50 people brought their pit bulls to River Park on Saturday to prove to others that the dogs have an undeserved bad name.

“These dogs are a fantastic breed,” says Wayne Hill, one of the organizers of the Pit Bull Picnic in the Park.

He says he is pleased with the turnout.

"Close to 50 [dogs], I'd say. There wasn't a single problem. Not one"

Sheila McCaw adopted her pit bull from a rescue organization that saved the animal from an abusive owner in Los Angeles.

Mccaw say Ronny is well behaved.

"A dog isn't born aggressive. I believe it’s an acquired trait."

Arnold Makway says while the move to ban the animal in some jurisdictions is ridiculous, a pit bull isn't for everyone.

He says owners have to take responsibility for their animal.

"Go to school. Learn how to train it. It is an old dog that was used to for pulling cattle down and fighting and wartimes."

Organizers hope to make Pit Bull Picnic in the Park a yearly event.

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