Pitch-In Week just around the corner

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In the meantime, residents will have to continue jumping over the springs flowing down the streets and avoid the water puddles. It can be a great season as the sun sits high in the blue skies radiating down, and the birds have come back and chirping high from the tree branches. On the downside, spring is also a filthy time of the year. The sand and gravel used throughout the winter on the sidewalks and roads are left behind, creating a mess of mud and dirty pools of water. The existing piles of snow are no longer bright white mounds that children would play on but banks of brown hard-packed hills of ice chunks and gravel. Another very noticeable difference with the spring season is the amount of garbage left behind.

Every spring, as the snow melts, it exposes so much garbage that has been strewn about for the last six months or longer. Whether it is from people dumping bags of household refuse or throwing litter out the vehicle’s windows as you are driving, you can literally find garbage almost everywhere you look when you go out shopping or are out and about. Reasons for littering could be having no garbage can available close by, a habit from watching others do it, or just pure laziness. Most people tend to litter in places where there's already other litter. A few examples of litter are in parking lots and the heavily used oilfield and logging roads. Garbage can range from candy wrappers, food wrappers, cans to paper coffee cups. Another big one is the disposal of household garbage, appliances, to tires. These items are typically tossed alongside a back road or dumped on a lease road out in the bush as people are too lazy to take the extra time and effort to drop the more oversized items off at the landfill.

To help tackle the unsightly mess, the Town of Fox Creek hosts “Pitch-In Week.” It is an opportunity for non-profit groups and organizations to earn extra money. As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” would be most fitting in the situation. One week is set aside in April, and each day, residents can participate in an activity to promote the cleanliness of the community and pick up litter. The non-profit groups who register to pick up trash will receive $400 from the town to appreciate their hard work. Town administration will designate specific areas around the community which would be considered target areas. The annual Pitch-In week was cancelled in 2020 but thankfully will proceed this season with the necessary health precautions being implemented.

Vicki Winger, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Whitecourt Press