Pitt Meadows family celebrates 100 years of dairy farming

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Three generations of Severinskis are pictured at a party celebrating the award. (Submitted by Kevin Severinski - image credit)
Three generations of Severinskis are pictured at a party celebrating the award. (Submitted by Kevin Severinski - image credit)

Severinski Farms in Pitt Meadows has been honoured with the Century Farm and Ranch Award as they celebrate 100 years of their family-run dairy farm.

Three generations of Severinskis have supplied dairy products to the neighbouring communities for more than a century.

Farm owners Kevin and Audra Severinski told CBC News that the farm was started when Kevin's grandfather Stephen Severinski immigrated to Canada from Yugoslavia in 1910.

He originally purchased a two-hectare parcel of land in Cloverdale in 1921, but a year later, he and his wife moved the farm to Pitt Meadows, where it remains to this day.

The dairy farm quickly expanded to 32.4 hectares and the couple's family grew right along with it, with the arrival of 10 children.

Brittany Roffel/CBC News
Brittany Roffel/CBC News

The farm was passed on to Kevin's father and then eventually to Kevin in 2000.

"We're still dairy farming, always have been dairy farming," Kevin said.

"It's a great life, but you definitely are tied to it. And it just really makes you think that for a hundred years, you know, someone has been here milking cows every single day."

In a press release, the Ministry of Agriculture said the Century Farm and Ranch Award is meant to honour the Severinski family's tradition, work and dedication to dairy farming in the Lower Mainland and B.C. for 100 years.

"It's so lovely to celebrate a family farm that, over the past 100 years, has grown and continues to provide fresh dairy and produce for British Columbians today," said Lana Popham, minister of agriculture, food and fisheries.

The couple says the best part of being honoured with the award was getting to celebrate with their closest friends and family and to have Kevin's parents there to witness it.

Submitted by Kevin Severinski
Submitted by Kevin Severinski

"It was really nice to have that moment with family and, you know, all three generations were there, my parents were there, us and our kids," Kevin said.

He says they couldn't have done it without help from the community.

"So many neighbours and friends have helped the farm out over the last 100 years. It's just a real feel of community in the Pitt Meadows area.

"We feel blessed that we are able to farm the same land our grandparents homesteaded 100 years ago."

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