The Plans For The ‘World’s Tallest Tower’ Have Been Unveiled

Plans have been unveiled for a new tower in Dubai, which will be the tallest in the world.

Emaar Properties, the Dubai-based property developers, are planning to build ‘The Needle’, which will reach slightly higher than the 2,716 ft Burj Khalifa - the current record holder.

The giant tower will house a ultra-luxurious hotel, as well as shops, restaurants and and viewing platform.

It will make up part of a new development in Dubai called Dubai Creek Harbour- a collection of luxury apartments and commercial buildings. 

The World’s Tallest

Plans for the giant tower have been unveiled by a Dubai property developer. (Emaar/Rex Shutterstock)

Adding To The Skyline

‘The Needle’ will be the latest ultra-tall addition to Dubai’s skyline, which is already busy with extremely tall buildings. (Emaar/Rex Shutterstock)

Sky At Night

The development will add a luxury hotel, restaurants, shops and a sky-high viewing platform to Dubai’s marina. (Emaar/Rex Shutterstock)

All Lit Up

The spectacular building will be another glitzy addition to Dubai’s portfolio of impressive structures. (Emaar/Rex Shutterstock)

New Hub

‘The Needle’ will rise up at the centre of the Dubai Creek Harbour development, with hundreds of new apartments, shops and restaurants. (Emaar)

Feat Of Architecture

Dubai Creek Harbour will be made up of nine districts, featuring a 4.5 km promenade, yacht club, marina and harbour, hotels, retail and leisure facilities. (Emaar) 

Green Space

The developers say that the building has been designed ‘with a large focus on energy efficiency and sustainability.’ (Santiago Calatrava)

The Pinnacle Room

The structure will include ten observation decks, including The Pinnacle Room, with a360 degree view of Dubai. (Santiago Calatrava)

The View

This will be the view from the new developments, looking out onto what will now be the second tallest tower in the world - the Burj Khalifa. (Emaar/Rex Shutterstock)

The Residences

The luxurious interiors of the Dubai Creek harbour residences. (Emaar)

Inside The Towers

Hundreds of new flats will be built around ‘The Needle’ in the latest development. (Emaar)