'They played harder than we did': Scottie Barnes on 76ers

Toronto Raptors forward Scottie Barnes credited the 76ers for their effort and hustle on Friday night.

Video Transcript

- Scottie, how do you explain the way you guys played Wednesday, one of the best games you played this season, and then today just kind of flat from the beginning?

SCOTTIE BARNES: I say they came out ready to go, ready to try to win, try to get back on track for their team. Say they showed it, they was making shots. They played harder than we did. We just started off flat.

- You've now seen a couple of these two-game sets that the NBA is trying out this year. I know you were talking about them yesterday. But I mean, just kind of given the human nature of the losing team coming back and being ticked off in game two, and even the adjustments that are made. How tough is it gonna be for any team to win both of those games?

SCOTTIE BARNES: Say they probably went back, made adjustments, try to tweak their game plan. They came off ready to try to-- they came off attacking, getting to the paint. Getting deep paint, kicking out easy threes. We just had to really adjust to it. I felt like we did better second half.

It's tough with these back-to-back ones. You just try to tweak things and try to do better than you were the night before. But unfortunately, they just came out with the hot hand and they played well.

- Thanks very much, everyone.

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