Playful calf bounces with joy to see her friend at her new meadow

Hope is a five day old calf that was born on a beautiful farm in Millbrook, Ontario. Her short life has been a good one as she roams a vast expanse of lush, green pasture with her mother, Fiona. Fiona is an exceptional cow with a beautiful personality and her affectionate nature has rubbed off on her new baby. The day Hope was born, Dave came to visit and Fiona walked up to Dave for a head scratch and some corn. Hope watched the interaction for a few minutes and then she decided that she wanted some affection too. From that day on, Hope eagerly approaches Dave when he walks into the meadow and she follows him as he walks around.

Fiona has become very accustomed to the farmers here. They are so loving and kind that Fiona has become an incredibly trusting cow. She will often bring Hope to see Dave and then slowly walk away, leaving Hope asleep on the grass with him. It's just like she's dropping her baby off at childcare.

Fiona, Hope, and the rest of the herd had grazed the grass enough in this meadow and it was time to move them to a greener pasture across the road. The gate was opened and the herd happily made their way through a long tunnel and out into the next pasture. For Hope, this was a completely new world and she was a little confused. She had never known anything but the meadow where she was just born.

The following day, Dave showed up for a visit and Hope spotted him as he entered at the gate. She walked up to see him and had a sniff. As if reacting with joy that he had found her in the new meadow, she bounced and bellowed like a puppy greeting her owner after a day apart. Of course, Dave couldn't resist bouncing too. Hope is a very affectionate calf who loves to be petted but her bouncing and extreme happiness was a new reaction. It's possible that she did not think Dave would look for her on this side of the farm.

It's very likely that Hope will grow into a 1,000 pound love sponge like her mother, Fiona.

Newborn calves are simply adorable. Every calf should have a chance to live a long life on a farm where animals are treated this well.