This plus-size body positive blogger posed in her bra and underwear for an important reason

“Even though I’m makeup-less and in my bra & panty, I felt beautiful in that moment.” (Photo: Instagram)

Sarah Anne is a 20-something year old self-proclaimed “fat girl” who splits her time between Toronto and Boston.

As a body positive blogger, Sarah helps her her 38,000-plus followers on Instagram feel confident. But in a recent post, Sarah admitted she wasn’t feeling that way lately.

“I’ve been feeling some things about myself lately. Not so great things. Things a body positive blogger such as myself ‘shouldn’t’ feel. I have been tough as hell and not so kind to myself about just about everything lately. My body, my personality, my ability to get stuff done, etc., and I’m exhausted,” Sarah, known as tonsablush on Instagram, wrote in a recent post.

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The blogger noted that sometimes when you get the confidence you’ve always dreamed of, you forget it requires maintaining. You forget that, just like any muscles, it needs attention in order to stay strong.

“My confidence has been low and that’s scary to admit here, but it’s imperative that I do. I’m determined to start strengthening my confidence again, and holding myself accountable here is the first step,” she added.

“I’m posting this particular photo because even though I’m makeupless and in my bra and panties, I felt beautiful in that moment. And right now, I need a little reminder of that feeling. This time of year seems to heighten my depression too,” she said, before admitting that she has seasonal affective disorder.

The post received thousands of likes and dozens of supportive comments — so the blogger asked her followers two important questions.

“Do you ever feel low on confidence? What do you do to strengthen it again?”

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“Yes, I do (have low confidence), it’s normal,” one follower commented. “Trying not to stay in that zone for long is the hard part. Believing in yourself and surrounding yourself with people who love you and lift you up is super important.”

Another follower noted that when she feels down, she spends time with the people who love her, regardless of how she feels or looks.

“I too have to work at my self confidence all the time. I’m hard on myself often and feel like if I just tried harder, I would be skinnier and prettier.  Something about unconditional love helps me understand that I’m worth it.”

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