Trudeau: "We are less as a country without Gord Downie in it"

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    We'd be more of a country without Trudeau in it.
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    What a flake, he's the true embarassment to our country...
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    Trudeau graduated from Drama school , he is good at that.
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    Average Joe
    I knew he was a drama teacher but I didn't realize he was such a good actor!
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    Being a open borders globalist I thought Trudeau making Canada less of a country was a Liberal goal.
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    That is a stupid thing to say. Every person in the country is equally as important as a musician.
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    Everybody loves Gord. I share the sentiments. But this is over the top.
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    Crocodile tears from this loser. I wonder if mommy taught him how to cry on command
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    This guy is a total idiot. As a veteran, I am ashamed to have this piece of schitt as our Prime minister. I served over 20 years and did three tours in the middle east, seen many men and women give their lives only to be dishonored by the likes of this donkey. To you Justin I raise my middle finger in salute.
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    We are less of a country with you as leader and take note of the small L. You are not anywhere near deserving of a capital.