PMB inspires to spark new ideas and create positive change

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With inspiration much can be accomplished and at People Minded Business that’s the goal.

Located in Belleville and working across Canada as well as abroad, People Minded Business, the creators of WITHology, the Art and Science of Inclusive Consultation, Collaboration, and Co-creation, are excited to announce their ‘WITHinspiration’ initiative.

“Our passion and purpose are to revolutionize who has a seat at ‘the table’,” explained Janeen Halliwell, co-founder and president of PMB. “We ensure that everyone has a voice and influences the design of community supports and services.”

On March 1st, PMB announced their WITHinspiration initiative led by People Minded Business consultant Nicole Flynn and PMB Project Success Coordinator Tia Howlett. Flynn is a 26-year-old woman living with Down Syndrome in Belleville and also runs her own photography business.

People Minded Business is a team of consultants, trainers and facilitators that work to help government and organizations solve problems or pursue opportunities. Many health and social service agencies across Ontario reach out to PMB during times of need. Working with stakeholders, board members, executives, employees, people with disabilities, PMB co-designs creative solutions to match individual business needs.

“Working as a consultant with PMB called out to me because it provides me with the opportunity to share my perspective and people like me, their perspective too, and I get to help people meet their goals,” said Flynn.

WITHinspiration provides photographers with a disability in Ontario with the opportunity to showcase their artistic talents. Flynn and Howlett are working hard to spearhead the project by creating a photo deck to be used by social service agencies and government officials while facilitating creative problem-solving.

“I’ve seen first-hand the artistic talent of people supported by community organizations,” said Halliwell. “I’ve also seen how they gravitate to using photos to express their thoughts and feelings. It is a great match; a deck of photos taken by people who in sharing their talents would inspire others and spark creative change for their peers in Ontario communities.”

Ontario photographers with a disability have until May 1 to submit their photos, all of which will be posted on PMB’s website. Fifty-two photos will be chosen for the deck and those photographers will be paid for their artwork and receive a portion of the proceeds from sales. Through WITHinspiration, photographers with a disability have an opportunity to earn some extra income from their talents, share their gifts with the broader community, and make positive change.

“When I take photos, it reminds me of being a curious child,” said Flynn. “I feel free outside, get lost in what I am doing, and I am at peace. I love nature and wildlife and try to take pictures of animals that are going extinct so people are aware.”

Photos submitted before May 1st will be posted on PMB’s website. The chosen photography will be published and inspire innovation across human services.

PMB encourages agencies to use photo decks and other tools to spark creative thinking. Agencies purchase photo decks through the PMB website and at the many conferences PMB presents and attends nationally and internationally.

PMB is accepting photo submissions between March 1 – May 1, 2021. Any Ontario person with a disability can enter by visiting

Virginia Clinton, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Intelligencer