PM's 'big gamble' and 'things can only get wetter'

"Election: July 4" headlines the Metro
Financial Times
Daily Mail
"Now is the moment for Britain to choose its future" headlines the Daily Mail quoting Mr Sunak's speech. The paper says the prime minister seized the initiative amid "Tory jitters". It quotes Michael Gove telling Mr Sunak at an emergency cabinet meeting: "Who dares wins. You dared and you will win." [BBC]
"Drown and out" headlines the Daily Mirror as it pictures Mr Sunak walking back into No 10 with rain pouring off his back.
"Drown and out" headlines the Daily Mirror as it pictures Mr Sunak walking back into No 10 with water dripping off his back. [BBC]
"Sunak's big gamble" headlines the Guardian
"Sunak's big gamble" headlines the Guardian. It writes that Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer is widely expected to become the next prime minister "after transforming Labour" since its loss at the last general election under Jeremy Corbyn. It quotes Sir Keir saying, "Together we can stop the chaos". [BBC]
"Sunak gambles on snap poll" writes the Daily Telegraph
"Sunak bets the house" says the Times
Like the other papers, an image of Mr Sunak soaked delivering his speech features on the front of the Times. At a rally on Wednesday night, the paper writes, the prime minister "tried to position himself as the underdog". Sir Keir, it says, asked the public to allow Labour to "return Britain to the service of working people". [BBC]
The i front page headlines "judgement day: 4 July snap election for UK"
"PM: I am fighting for our nation's future" headlines the Daily Express
The Daily Express focuses on a message from the prime minister to its readers setting out his case for a Conservative win. Mr Sunak said Sir Keir was a "soft touch" on immigration and the EU. "Everything that has been hard won is at risk," said the prime minister. [BBC]
Daily Star
The Daily Star mocks up a postbox into a Mr Men character with Ms Vennells' face superimposed on it. "Little Miss Twaddle" the headline says. The tabloid writes the ex-Post Office chief has been "accused of talking absolute tosh" at the inquiry into the Horizon scandal. [BBC]
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