Polar bear plans getaway after warning issued in Bonavista area

The polar bear knows we're onto it.

It's snowing outside, but the heat is on, and a polar bear on the Bonavista Peninsula was checking out alternative transportation — maybe for a quick getaway.

Shelly Ryan of Melrose, on the Trinity Bay side of the peninsula, took pictures of the curious Ursus maritimus nosing around a snowmobile and a shed.

On Monday, the provincial department of Fisheries and Land Resources issued a polar bear warning for the area, urging people to avoid encounters with the bear.

At least one other bear has been photographed near Newman's Cove, on the Bonavista Bay side of the peninsula.

The government says anyone encountering a polar bear should, if the bear hasn't noticed them yet:

- Quietly back away and leave the area;

- Try to stay downwind of it;

- Keep an eye on it;

- Not get between the bear and any cubs.

If you've been spotted by a bear:

- Remain calm;

- Leave the bear space and a route to get away;

- Back away, don't run;

- If you must speak, do it firmly and calmly;

- Avoid direct eye contact.