Pole Dancing Granny Wows Crowds At 70

A pensioner has become a national celebrity in China after her pole dancing antics thrilled audiences across the country.

Despite being 70-years-old, Dai Dali has managed to win praise for her talents in the bendy sport, which she took up after retiring.

The grandmother, from Chengdu, in China’s Sichuan Province, first hit the headlines last year when she took part in TV talent shows China’s Got Talent and Amazing Chinese.

She was praised both for her exceptional skills and also her bravery to take in a sport that is seen as something for the younger generation.

To make things even more astonishing, she had only been practising for four years before she entered the competitions.

Dali also took part and won in her age group at this year’s Fifth China Pole Dance Championship competition - which eventually led to the formation of China’s first ever national pole dance team, dubbed POLE11, in 2012.

And she was in the news again this week after she showed off her pole dancing skills in a series of stunning photographs, proving to her fans that she was dedicated to the sport.

Opting not to go for the conventional “public square dancing” taken up by middle-aged and elderly women as a form of light exercise nationwide, Dali’s decision to pick up pole dance also made her a maverick in the eyes of her peers.

However, despite only recently becoming more acceptable to the masses, there are still those who relate pole dance to adult entertainment and indecency.

Dali disagrees, and said that she sees it purely as a form of keeping fit.

She added: “It’s just a type of dance; it’s isn’t a vulgar dance.

“And besides, my family members all support me.

"I also want to prove that age does not mean anything as long as you persist.”

Pics: CEN