Polestar 2 owners in the U.S. could get smarter headlights via OTA update

Ronan Glon
·1 min read

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In Sweden, when the nights become longer than the days, Polestar 2 owners are encouraged to leave their high beams on all the time. They don't have to worry about blinding other motorists thanks to a technology called Pixel LED that deactivates individual lighting elements. American drivers can't use this technology yet, it's not allowed on our shores, but Polestar stands ready to push it out via a software update as soon as regulations change.

Pixel LED headlights are each equipped with 84 individual LEDs that form what Polestar refers to as a matrix. Each LED can be controlled individually, so drivers can use their high beams at all times and let the system automatically dim the lights that risk blinding other motorists. The system can recognize (and therefore dim the lights for) up to five cars, whether they're moving in the same direction as the driver or in the opposite direction.

Out back, the lights are just as smart, as 288 LEDs are embedded into the full-width light bar, and they automatically dim when they sense it's dark outside to ensure motorists following the 2 aren't blinded.

In Europe, every Launch Edition variant of the 2 comes standard with Pixel LED technology. Polestar can't offer the feature in the United States because it's illegal. Federal law states that every car must have separate low and high beams, so systems like Polestar's Pixel LED, Audi's Matrix Beams, and others are non-compliant. If the law changes, owners in America will be able to receive the feature via an over-the-air software update.

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