Police arrest three men in shooting that left several injured in Northwest Miami-Dade

Police on Wednesday announced the arrest of three men linked to a shooting the day before that wounded several people in Northwest Miami-Dade.

Christopher Green and Kelvin Henry Jackson were seen on security footage firing shots from an SUV towards a group of people standing outside Tuesday afternoon, according to their arrest reports. Each of the 36-year-old men, both wounded in the shooting and arrested later that day, face charges of attempted murder in the first degree, firearm possession by a convicted felon and using a firearm while committing a felony.

Delonyte Sinyon Gause, 30, who was also injured in the shooting and later confessed to firing shots towards the SUV in retaliation, was charged with firearm possession by a convicted felon and use of a weapon while committing a felony, among other gun charges, his arrest report says.

Police listed Gause and Andre Days, 27, as victims. Investigators haven’t filed charges against Days.

Miami-Dade officers were dispatched around 1 p.m. Tuesday to 6320 NW 18th Ave. following reports of 14 shots fired in the area.

An officer working in the area on another case drove towards the gunshots in his unmarked police vehicle and ran after Gause when he noticed the man was carrying a black firearm tucked under his left arm, police say. According to the arrest reports, Gause ignored the officer’s commands to stop, threw a gun over a fence and jumped over it before laying down on the grown. Cops say they detained Gause and found an empty Glock with an extended magazine nearby.

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“The defendant also advised that the reason that the firearm was empty was because he emptied the firearm by shooting at the other people (who) were shooting at his friend,” an officer noted in Gause’s police report.

At the scene, police also found bullet casings and two rifles. Meanwhile, county paramedics took the wounded men to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center.

An exchange of gunfire resulted in three men injured in northwest Miami-Dade on Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2023.
An exchange of gunfire resulted in three men injured in northwest Miami-Dade on Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2023.

Days, the second victim, told investigators that he was involved in a road rage incident a few days prior with a black SUV — but police were never called. He said he was with Gause when they saw the black Nissan Pathfinder SUV driving up and down the street. Days told police he felt his life was in danger, retrieved a rifle from his vehicle, took cover behind a dumpster and began firing after he saw a firearm poking out the approaching SUV’s window.

A review of security camera footage, police say, revealed that Green and Jackson were firing from the SUV towards the people standing outside. Green was observed firing shots out of a passenger seat of the Nissan while Jackson was seen shooting from the front passenger seat. Both also fired their weapons outside of the vehicle, police say. Green suffered gunshot wounds to his left ankle and left knee and Jackson was shot twice in his left thigh.

Green and Jackson were arrested Tuesday night at Ryder Trauma Center. After being denied bail on a few of the charges, they remained behind bars at the Miami-Dade County Pre-Trial Detention Center as of Wednesday night.

Gause is jailed at the county’s Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, though a judge said he could go under house arrest if he’s able to pay a $9,500 bond.