Police arrest woman who offered sex for nachos

Sex for nachos
Sex for nachos

A woman has been arrested for soliciting sex in exchange for nachos.

Crystal D. Hotlosz, 36, also wanted $60 for her services, according to a police report.

The woman, from St Clairsville, Ohio, was caught advertising on Youngstown Backpage.com.

She went on to outline the tortilla chip/hard cash combo of requirements to an undercover cop, a Beaver Township police report reveals.

It adds that Hotlosz met the undercover policeman in the Los Gallos Mexican Restaurant carpark on November 14.

According to Fox8, she confirmed what she was offering, and asked if he had the money and nachos.

Hotlosz was subsequently arrested and charged with solicitation. The man who drove her to the carpark was also arrested, and the pair were taken to the Mahoning County Jail.

Police confirmed that Hotlosz was quite persistent about getting the nachos, asking the officer for them at least four times.

Image: Beaver Police Department