Police believe Alexa Emerson orchestrating wave of bomb threats across Saskatoon

Police believe that a woman in jail is behind a wave of bomb threats washing across the city this month.

Alexa Emerson, also known as Amanda Totchek, was arrested on April 11 and charged with sending suspicious packages to businesses, schools and the Saskatoon Cancer Centre this spring.

Since her arrest, police have responded to five bomb threats. All of them, including one Tuesday morning to Aden Bowman Collegiate, proved to be false.

"We are investigating as part of the larger suspicious package investigation," said Alyson Edwards in an email to CBC about the call to Aden Bowman.

"I am not able to say right now how we are able to link them."

Emerson is not the only person on the police radar in this investigation.

Shortly after Emerson's arrest, a video was sent to local media.

In it, a mystery woman claims responsibility for sending the suspicious packages this spring and claims that Emerson is wrongly charged.

Police are still trying to track her down because they believe that she has information that could be relevant to the investigation.