Loaded guns found in stolen vehicle after car hits building during police chase

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Four men were arrested and police recovered two loaded guns following a chase that ended in a crash on Thursday morning.

It started in Winnipeg's North End around 4 a.m. when officers came across a stolen vehicle near Charles and Aikins streets. 

The chase took them downtown, where police cars with lights on and sirens blaring went screaming west on Portage Avenue.

The pursuit ended when the stolen vehicle crashed into a stop sign and building at the corner of Portage and Sackville Street in St. James.

The four men who were in the vehicle got out and ran.

Four men were arrested a short distance away with the help of the canine unit.

Officers found two loaded firearms when they searched the vehicle.

Police spokesperson, Const. Rob Carver, said the officers are fortunate the people in the car chose to run rather than shoot.

"It highlights the kind of issues that our officers face when they're in a traffic pursuit. Those two officers were faced with four individuals with two loaded guns. And this isn't uncommon," he said.

"In this case, the individuals fled and the firearms were left in the car. But that doesn't change the nature of the danger our officers face."

The investigation continues but the four suspects face numerous criminal charges, police said.