Police describe events of Indiana mall shooting

During a press conference on Monday, Greenwood, Ind., Police Chief Jim Ison described what authorities say occurred when a gunman, identified as Jonathan Sapirman, opened fire at Greenwood Park Mall on Sunday, killing three people and wounding two others. Police say a bystander with a handgun shot and killed Sapirman at the scene.

Video Transcript

- The following is a timeline of events. We know that Mr. Sapirman through surveillance video entered the mall at entrance 4 by the food court at 4:54 PM. He walks directly to the food court restroom.

One hour and 2 minutes later, he exits the restroom and shoots Victor Gomez outside of the restroom.

He then points his rifle into the food court where Pedro and Rosa Pineda were eating dinner and shot both Rosa and Pedro. He then fired several more rounds into the food court, striking a 22-year-old female who is currently recovering from a leg wound at Eskenazi Hospital, and a bullet fragment believed to have ricocheted off of a wall did strike a 12-year-old female who was running towards exit 4 in the back. That was a minor wound treated at the hospital. They did remove a small piece of metal jacket most likely from a ricochet.

At 5:57 PM, the shooter was confronted by our good Samaritan who I will identify in just a moment. The good Samaritan was armed with a pistol and engaged the shooter as he stood outside the restaurant-- restroom area firing into the food court. The shooter fired several rounds, striking the suspect. The suspect attempted to retrieve-- retreat back into the restroom and fell to the ground after being shot.