Police investigating 5 incidents of vandalism at west Edmonton school

An Edmonton Police spokesperson said police are investigating at least five reports of damage to property at a west Edmonton school after the elementary and junior high's windows were broken.

The five incidents at Crestwood School took place between the end of June and the beginning of August, police spokesperson Carolin Maran told CBC on Tuesday. She did not confirm when the vandalism incidents occurred. 

On Tuesday, 21 windows were boarded with plywood in the back of the building, near a playground, with a few pieces of glass scattered on the ground.

An Edmonton Public Schools spokesperson says the school located near 97th Avenue and 144th Street is hoping to have the windows fixed before classes resume on Sept. 3.

"When vandalism like this occurs, our district maintenance team assesses the safety of the building and secures the broken window," said Anna Batchelor, a spokesperson for the district school board.

"With the multiple incidents at Crestwood School, the district will be attending to all damage at once to ensure all windows are repaired for the start of the school year."

Breigh Cohen comes to the school park regularly with her two sons, who attend Crestwood School.

She told CBC Tuesday she noticed the broken windows about a month ago.

Scott Neufeld/CBC

"We saw first a couple [of broken windows] and then it just kept being more until we came. Now it's on this side too," Cohen said about the west side of the building where six windows were broken.

Across the school's courtyard, another 15 windows were broken on Tuesday. No injuries have been reported, according to police. 

"You don't really want that happening where your kids go to school and it's a nice, quiet community so you don't see a lot of that," Cohen said.

Security cameras were installed on the school property following reports of the broken windows, according to Cohen.

She added that she hasn't heard from the school principal either but says she's not concerned either because the community is safe.

"Hopefully the police get some leads."