Capitol riot hero Eugene Goodman applauded as he escorts Kamala Harris to inauguration

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<p>Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman escorting Kamala Harris, vice president-elect </p> (CNN )

Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman escorting Kamala Harris, vice president-elect

(CNN )

The Black police officer who defended the US capitol against the white supremacist pro-Trump mob which raged through its halls earlier this month has been named the Acting Deputy House Sergeant at Arms.

One of his first duties was to escort Kamala Harris up the stairs of the Capitol on Wednesday as she makes history in becoming the first woman, the first Black person and the first South Asian American person to be elected Vice President of the United States.

The officer, Eugene Goodman, was promoted to the position after his swift actions during the Capitol riot on 6 January, when he diverted a group of Donald Trump’s supporters away from the chamber of the United States’ Senate.

As the the Acting Deputy House Sergeant at Arms, Mr Goodman is the second highest security official for the inaugural events on Wednesday, and the second highest security official for Congress, after the Acting Deputy Senate Sergeant at Arms.

He was seen escorting Ms Harris as she walked alongside her husband Doug Emhoff, president elect Joe Biden, and incoming first lady Jill Biden, as they made their way to the inauguration stage on the steps of the Capitol.

Crowds were heard cheering as Mr Goodman was introduced alongside Ms Harris and Mr Emhoff, as they made their way across the inauguration stage, where she and Mr Biden are due to be sworn-in as the next vice president and president of the United States.

Mr Goodman, who will be seated alongside them as part of the new vice president’s entourage, was labelled a “hero” by members of Congress for his quick thinking during the Capitol attack, as well as being praised on social media.

A video of his brave encounter with the pro-Trump mob went viral after the attack, and showed Mr Goodman look left and then right as he stood alone on a landing in the halls of Congress. He steered the mob that came up a staircase away from the open doors of the Senate.

He potentially saved the lives of Senators and the departing vice president Mike Pence, who were in the chamber at the time. The doors had not yet been closed.

Mr Pence was reported to have reached out to Mr Goodman on Monday, to praise him for his actions against the mob. He is also in attendance at Mr Biden’s inauguration, having avoided the departure celebrations of Mr Trump, who spurred on the mobsters.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers have since called on Mr Goodman to be awarded the Congressional Gold Medal for his bravery during the Capitol riot.

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