Police watchdog says no grounds for charges against officer who fell on suspect, breaking his collarbone

Man killed by car after slip on road in South Indian Lake

A Portage la Prairie RCMP officer did not use unnecessary or excessive force during a 2016 arrest in the Manitoba city that left the suspect with a broken collarbone, an independent investigation has determined.

In September 2016, the officer spotted a car driving erratically and tried to initiate a traffic stop when the car ran off the road and into a ditch, according to a Friday news release from the Independent Investigation Unit of Manitoba, which investigates serious incidents involving police in the province.

The car's three occupants got out and ran away and the officer chased them on foot, the release states. He caught up with one of the fleeing suspects and grabbed him by the left arm, but lost his footing on logs in the ditch and fell on top of him.

The suspect told IIU investigators his right shoulder struck one of the logs as he fell and he felt his collarbone break.

"In his report, Civilian Director Zane Tessler noted the officer was in the lawful execution of his duties when he activated his emergency equipment and subsequently chased the man and his companions on foot; the man was running to evade arrest; and the officer had a clear duty to take all necessary steps to apprehend him," the IIU said in its release.

"Tessler said while it was clear the officer used force resulting in injury, there is no evidence the force was excessive or unnecessary."

The IIU concluded there are no grounds for charges against the officer.

The IIU will not be commenting further on the incident because the injured person was charged with Criminal Code offences that remain outstanding.

The complete report will be posted online when the criminal charges are dealt with in court.