Police officer fires gun during struggle with driver

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Police officer fires gun during struggle with driver

A Toronto police officer fired her gun during a struggle with a driver she was pursuing Wednesday morning.

The incident occurred after an officer attempted to stop a vehicle in Scarborough, Sgt. Mike Williams said.

When the driver did not stop, she pursued him before getting him to stop at around 10:30 a.m. near Adanac Drive and Bellamy Road South, said Williams.

"Once the officer caught up with the suspect, there was an interaction of some sort," he told CBC Toronto. "At that time, a shot was fired by the officer."

Nobody was struck by the bullet.

The suspect is uninjured and the officer has minor injuries. She was taken to hospital for observation, but is expected to be released Wednesday afternoon.

Williams said it's believed the officer intended to fire her gun, but the investigation is ongoing. Police are conducting an administrative review.

Officers have taken the driver — who is believed to be in his 20s — into custody.