Polish government split on nuclear weapons deployment issue

Andrzej Duda
Andrzej Duda

Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Andrzej Shejna criticized President Andrzej Duda's statement that Poland is ready to deploy NATO nuclear weapons on its territory to strengthen Alliance's eastern border, Polskie Radio reported on April 29.

“He should have consulted with government first, not just come out and say that we want to have nuclear weapons in Poland,” he said.

According to Polish official, such statements expose Poland to "risk of Russian missiles being sent against us.”

“In some situations, especially abroad, I would praise Duda's actions in accordance with government's instructions, but suddenly something pops up from time to time,” he said.

Possible deployment of nuclear weapons in Poland

Earlier, Duda said that his country is ready to deploy nuclear weapons of NATO allies on its territory to strengthen eastern border of the Alliance.

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Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk reacted sharply to Duda's idea of possibility of deploying nuclear weapons on its territory if NATO allies agree.

“I am looking forward to meeting with President Duda because this issue directly and unequivocally concerns Polish security," Tusk said.

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"And I would like to understand well the intentions of Mr. President."

Later, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that NATO has no plans to expand number of nuclear-armed allies.

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