Polish lawmakers overturn senate veto on disputed media law

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WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Poland’s lawmakers have overturned a Senate veto on a media bill seen as targeting a U.S.-owned television network’s ability to keep broadcasting news often critical of the Polish right-wing government.

The lower house, or Sejm, unexpectedly returned to the law that seemed to be on freeze after the upper house rejected it in September. The lower house voted 229-212 with 11 abstentions Friday to reject the Senate’s veto. That means the controversial bill, which has already been approved by the Sejm, only needs approval from the president to become law.

It would prevent any non-European entity from owning more than a 49% stake in television or radio broadcasters in Poland.

Its practical effect would be to force Discovery Inc., the U.S. owner of Poland’s largest private television network, TVN, to sell its Polish holdings.

The Associated Press

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